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SB Nation YouTube Video Channel

As we've mentioned a time or two of late, SB Nation has partnered with Google/YouTube to create a video channel.

And we'd like you to check it out. Go here: and watch a few videos and if you dig them, subscribe.


You can watch all manner of video, like this one where the SBN folks agree with Scipio and Nobis that you DON'T DRAFT TRENT RICHARDSON WITH THE THIRD PICK! They also like Emmanuel Acho. Shocker. The World Needs More Achos.

If you have not kept up with the lunacy of SB Nation's resident college football experts, Spencer Hall (EDSBS) and Jason Kirk (SBN College Football), you might want to check out Shutdown Fullback. Unless you are Chris Berman. These guys have Bats in the Beltre!

I was lucky enough to be involved with some folks at Apple and Byliner in putting together a quick interview with Amy K. Nelson and Buzz Bissinger on the release of his eBook, After Friday Night Lights. You can read an excerpt here and watch the interview here.

Also, we're going to follow up as only a Texas blog can, so if you have any questions for Buzz that aren't stupid or smart ass, we'll try to ask him.