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Junior Seau, Malcolm Gladwell and CTE

With the very sad news about Junior Seau fresh in everybody's mind, a lot of people (who have not mastered the google) are asking me for the articles Scipio wrote on this stuff.

They are here:

Is Football As We Know It About To End?

Cutting Down Concussions (And Junk Science)

Malcolm Gladwell, much the impetus for some of the articles above, is back at it and will do a live debate on May 8th arguing for why college football should be banned.

Slate: What do you think is the single most compelling reason to abolish college football? Corruption? Head injury? Lost focus on academics?

Malcolm Gladwell: The factor that I think will be decisive is the head-injury issue. Colleges are going to get sued, and they will have to decide whether they can afford their legal exposure. That said, the issue ought to be how big-time college sports subverts the academic mission of university education.

I also found this article about a Tim Brown radio interview very interesting too.