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Banning College Football Omnibus

We've talked a little about this in a few posts but I wanted to get all of this together out so you could read and be informed.

The Big Dogfight Debate is tomorrow, TUE 5.7, at 6:45PM EST. You can read more about the background here.

And here.

You will also be able to watch it live. More after the jump.


FOR THE MOTION: Buzz Bissinger & Malcolm Gladwell

AGAINST THE MOTION: Tim Green & Jason Whitlock

Whitlock. Ambivalence.

Buzz has been busy. When he's not promoting his coda to Friday Night Lights on SB Nation, he's in the Wall Street Journal prepping for the debate and on Daily Beast discussing the Seau Suicide Circus and the allure of football's violence.

Last but not least, some of our SBN compadres held their own debate.

Strap on your helmet and tune in tomorrow.