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Antwuan Davis Is Texas Longhorn Commit #14

I'm excited about this commit as I've been extremely high on Davis since seeing his film a few months ago.

My take:

Davis relishes contact and he's explosive as hell. He hasn't learned the finer points of technique, but that's why Akina makes the big bucks. Davis was recently clocked at a 10.45 100 meters and dropped a 4.36 40 (Mad Dog timed) at a Texas camp. When I see elite track speed show up in pads paired with aggression and quickness on a 6 foot frame, I'm wondering how anyone could have him ranked below the Top 10 players in the state. In fact, if I have any criticism of Davis, it's that he loves contact so much, he can't resist late shots on receivers after dominating them at the LOS.

Drew Kelson's take:

Physical. Eye discipline is far above average for his age. In man coverage he has no clue the offense is running the ball which is exactly what you’re looking for. It doesn’t hurt that when he does notice the run he sheds blocks as good as any player for his age. I like this kid at corner. When a DB comes into college with great eyes, feet, and physicality there are no limits.

ESPN scouting:

"If you are looking for speed and explosiveness on the perimeter, Davis performs at a premium level," his ESPN scouting report reads. "Tall, lean and lengthy but has plenty of pop on his tightly wound frame. Quick twitched athlete who plays bigger and thrives on contact. This is a physical DB who plays with an edge and at times a reckless style that could be more under control."

Bottom line: Do yourself a favor and ignore whatever amount of stars or the rankings this guy has been assigned by some services. They will change. People are trying to be cute with what is blindingly obvious: this is an elite recruit with the perfect frame, athletic ability, and the physically reckless playing style coveted in a cornerback prospect. If you don't believe me, the Alabama, LSU, Notre Dame, OU, Arkansas, Michigan offers should suffice. Any hesitation we had on Davis in the recruiting process had to do with his back injury, but all signs point to a clean bill of health.

I'm fired up.