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Erin Andrews May Leave ESPN For Fox

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And I just realized I don't really care.

Over on they are reporting Andrews is being actively pursued by Fox. has learned that Fox Sports is aggressively pursuing ESPN sportscaster Erin Andrews for a role at its network. The network's executives recently met with Andrews regarding a major role in Fox's college football coverage.

Andrews' contract with ESPN concludes at the end of June. Her last on-air assignment for ESPN came in mid-March with its ACC college basketball tournament.

Contacted by Lewis Kay, a representative for Andrews, said, "Erin remains under contract with ESPN."


These things move at SEC speed.

I have nothing against Erin Andrews, who seems like bright and nice person, but she's really sort of a creation of ESPN. Does she add a whit of value to any ballgame I am watching? Nope.

Now, teaming her with Dave Lapham... Hey now! That could be interesting.

Anyway, curious if you all even care.