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Rep. Ryan Guillen -- Your 15 Minutes of Fame Are Up

The State Rep and A&M graduate, has filed a bill to make Texas play Texas A&M. As a serious measure it is of course DOA, but it will at least get his name in the media for a few days.

Darren Carroll

So about that bill that was formally introduced into the Texas State Legislature today, you know HB778 - the one that is supposed to force Texas to play Texas A&M.

Rep. Ryan Guillen (D-Rio Grande Valley) gets some free pub out of the bill, and it will end up as the vast majority of bills in the Texas Legislature end up -- in the trash. I heard about it last night and the text of the bill wasn't posted until today, and here is the best part, he has a penalty built in for whichever team refuses to schedule the other.

If The University of Texas at Austin or Texas A&M University refuses to play the football game required by Subsection (a) in a year, the university may not award to any student for the following academic year an athletic scholarship, grant, or similar financial assistance funded with state money and conditioned on the student's participation on the university's intercollegiate football team.

First of all the "funded with state money" part of the bill might be a problem. Secondly -- well there really isn't anything else except to have a little laugh and just mark this up yet another goofy example of stuff you have to put up with during the off-season.