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Baylor Bears Sign Art Briles on the dotted line for $4,000,000 a year

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For the first time in school history, the Baylor Bears are 8-0, so they decided to reward their coach with a hefty raise.

Joe Robbins

Art Briles has decided to stay in Waco and the Baylor Bears are so happy they are paying him $4 million a year through 2023.

Briles, one of the hottest names on the 2013 coaching carousel, has taken Baylor from a laughing stock to a legitimate BCS contender. Briles earned his coaching chops at the Texas High School level, building up an extensive network among fellow HS coaches that has helped him make Baylor a serious threat on the recruiting trail.

Baylor is 41-30 under Briles, which doesn't sound like the record of a multi-million dollar coach -- until you realize that the Bears were 42-105 in the 15 years before Briles was hired in 2008.

Briles was expected to be the hot name on the coaching circuit during this off-season, having already being mentioned for jobs that aren't currently open (Texas  -- Texas A&M).

But now Baylor will open their new riverfront stadium with Briles in place, and he will continue to work on building a record that will lead to a statue in front of that stadium.