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Texas-Iowa State football game moved to Thursday night

Usually when the Longhorns play on a Thursday night it is Thanksgiving, but next season it will also play mid-week in October.

Cooper Neill

The Texas-Iowa State game will be broadcast nationally, thanks to the Big 12 moving it to Thursday Oct. 3.

The game will be played in primetime and will either be broadcast by ESPN or the new All-Sports Fox Cable Channel, which will debut this summer. The move also means that Texas gets a couple of extra days to prepare for the OU game in Dallas on Oct. 12. Two other Big 12 games have been moved to Thursday nights: Texas Tech at. TCU on Sept. 12 and Baylor at. OU on Nov. 7.

Also, the Daily Texan is reporting that UT is seriously considering selling alcohol at its major athletic venues.

Alcohol would be made available for sale to the general public at UT football, basketball and baseball games. Right now Iowa State and West Virginia are the only Big 12 schools that allow the general sale of alcohol at their athletic contests.

West Virginia generated a little over $520,000 in alcohol revenue at its football and basketball games last year, but UT Athletics Director DeLoss Dodds said it's not about the money.

"The thing I will say is that it's not a money thing," Dodds said. "If we did do it, people would say that they they're just doing it for the money. It's not a money issue. It's a do-the-right-thing issue."