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Big 12 Rewind: Week 4 - We Own You, K. State!

You can retire now, Bill Snyder. And you can join him, Mack Brown.

The Decade Long Curse Has Been Lifted
The Decade Long Curse Has Been Lifted

The Longhorns got their first win over K. State since 2003, when Vince Young came off the bench in relief of Chance Mock to pull out a come from behind 24-20 win over Ell Roberson, Darren Sproles & Co. That was the last time VY would see the bench. 3,640 days ago. Saturday's game was an entertaining, prime time affair with Kirk & Herbie on the mic between two wholly average teams. Tyler Lockett set a school record for ... checks stats ... 113 catches for 1,217 yards. That can't be right. It felt like it though, as Lockett torched any Texas DB that tried to cover him. Nice preview for the Baylor game except there will be four guys running wild through our secondary instead of one. Luckily the Wildcats couldn't move the ball on the ground and Texas could, as Johnathan Gray flashed some moves we saw from the Aledo highlight reel. David Ash remains concussed. Or does he?! Luckily we have a bye week to sort out who will start at QB for Texas up in Ames come Oct 5.

Next Up: Bye



Next up: West Virginia ... The beginning of the end for Holgo?



If both teams from Oklahoma had byes last week, what the hell did Toby Keith do?

Next up: Notre Dame.


35 + 21 + 14 + 0 = 70. This is what a boxscore is supposed to look like, although Art Briles can't be happy with the 4th quarter output. Baylor became the first team to score 69+ points in three straight games since World War 2, when Lou Holtz was just starting his coaching career. Can we call a scheduling audible and arrange an Oregon / Baylor non conference matchup for next week? Think about it -- Baylor has a bye, Cal would be happy to cancel, Jerry Jones can hire Will Lyles to sell cotton candy at Jerryworld for the game. Start trying to process the fact that the Baylor Bears could win a Big 12 Championship because they're in pole position right now.

Next Up: Bye (take the over, lay the points...)


If you haven't been paying attention to what's going out on the High Plains, Texas Tech's defense isn't giving up much ground on the field or points on the scoreboard. They held Coach Fran's Texas State club to 233 yards of offense and 7 points. TCU could only muster 10 points. SMU caught Tech early and managed to lay 23. Meanwhile, the offense has temporarily stalled under Baker Mayfield, who has been fighting an ankle injury. It never really got untracked on Saturday and they never came close to hitting the over 58 (33-7 final). The historically underutilized position of FG kicker has experienced a rennaisance in Lubbock, as Ryan Bustin converted four tries against the Bobcats. If KK can put 7's on the board instead of 3's in conference play and the defense holds it's line, Tech will be sending some teams packing from Lubbock with more than the usual sexual disease control kits.

Next Up: BYE



Next Up: SMU


For the last decade WVU:Maryland :: Kansas State:Texas. The Terps had lost 7 straight to the 'Eers. That was until Saturday, when the fate of both one-sided rivalries flipped ungraciously. Maryland stomped the Mountaineers 38-0. Holgo hadn't been shut out since 4th grade pee wee football. And that one time at the casino with the escort where he had to flee through the kitchen. Is it too late to send back WVU to the ACC in exchange for Louisville? The most impressive stat of the game was that WVY averaged 46 yards per punt on 8 attempts. And gained a total of 175 yards of offense. /Kirk Ferentz nod of approval. This is generally not a winning formula unless you're going for the 3-0 win on field position as time expires. But that requires a defense and there is none of that to be found in Morgantown. The good news is this looks like another win for Texas on 9/9, which should put us at 5-4, one win away from Pinstripe Bowl eligibility!

Next Up: Oklahoma State. (11 a.m. ESPN - no, you don't have to watch Northwestern vs Illinois...)


We finally caught Bill Snyder in a down year. Okay, really really down year. He's kicked our ass with slightly better teams. Unfortunately, Tyler Lockett and Jake Waters were about all he had to work with and came one butt fumble away from Mack Brown pissing his Dockers for the 10th straight conference home game. Snyder has a week off to start planning his retirement party and add some JUCO walk-ons for the 10/5 tilt against Okie State.

Next Up: Bye



Next Up: Tulsa - Tonight!


Sweet Victoreh! Charlie Weis got his first win as a head football coach. At any level. And a 13-10 win never felt so good, especially since it took a 52 yard kick with no time on the clock to make the magic happen. Kansas had not beaten another FBS team since September 2011, ending a 22 game losing streak. 1,445 days. Just imagine what that might feel like, then write the name NORDBERG on a sticky note, and put in on your forehead. Jake Heaps through for heaps of yards, 279 in fact, and one of those passes went for a college football touchdown. Life is good in Lawrence. Hoops kicks off in six weeks!

Next Up: BYE (call it a two-game win streak, aggie style)


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Who you got?