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Oklahoma State's Marcus Smart did something dumb last night

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He broke the fourth wall.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

In case you missed it: last night, late in the Oklahoma St. Cowboys' loss to the Texas Tech Red Raiders, star guard Marcus Smart did a bad, bad thing. Smart went for a block on a breakaway Tech layup, causing a hard foul as he crashed into the stands. Upon standing up, Smart did this:

The Big 12 has already launched an investigation. The expectation is that Smart will be draw at least a multi-game suspension, with some pundits calling for a season-long ban.

The fan almost certainly deserves blame; the national media has fairly heaped that upon him. Regardless, Smart simply cannot break that fourth wall between on-court competition and fan interaction.

Expectations were sky-high for the Cowboys and Smart coming into the season. Expected to compete for a national championship, Oklahoma State is now fighting to salvage its season and simply avoid an NIT bid. The Cowboys have a 16-7 record, and are tied for 7th in the Big 12 with a 4-6 record. They travel to Austin on Tuesday to take on the Texas Longhorns with a depleted roster sure to be missing Smart.

SB Nation's Oklahoma State blog, Cowboys Ride for Free, has its take on the Smart situation and is calling for the head of Travis Ford. Expect some hoopla and a media circus when the Cowboys come to town on Tuesday.

[UPDATE 5:18pm] Smart has been suspended for three games by the Big 12. He'll miss Tuesday's night game in Austin.