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About Those Three Stars: 2015 Longhorn Recruit Kirk Johnson SPARQs up Oakland

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

2015 Texas Longhorn commitment Kirk Johnson had the best SPARQ score (117.42) of any athlete in attendance at the Oakland NFTC, garnering MVP honors.

Johnson ran a 4.57 40 FAT (for the exaggerated hand-timed equivalent, subtract .24), dropped a 35.8 inch vertical leap, performed a 36 foot power ball toss (kneeling medicine ball throw) and ran a sizzling 4.0 shuttle time.  That shuttle time would have put him in the top 10 finishers in the recent NFL combine. The best measurement we have of body coordination, change of direction and lateral flexibility.  All stuff that helps you to be good at football.

Using the principles of internet detection and my power over Google, I managed to find Johnson's junior year SPARQ performance one year ago.

A then 187 pound Johnson managed a 94.74 SPARQ and finished a respectable 20th of all camp participants.  He ran a 4.64 FAT 40, had a 4.26 shuttle, a 33.9 Vertical and a 34 foot power ball toss.

Your takeaway?  Johnson is still getting more athletic (or getting a lot better at testing) and his largest deficiency -strength - happens to be the most easily addressed piece of the athletic puzzle.

I believe we call this trajectory.