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It's Coming. The 2014 Longhorn Football Prospectus: Thinking Texas Football

Counting down to launch...

You're less than a week away from devouring the definitive preview and analysis of 2014 Longhorn/Big 12 football and Charlie Strong's new regime.

We're excited and proud of the product.

We aimed for balance between thoughtful and entertaining, sought to provide unique insight into the new regime (including features on the Strong D, the most even-handed, probably surprising, analysis you'll read on Shawn Watson, Joe Wickline's blocking system, and more), exhaustive, honest breakdowns of our opponents and each Horn position group, tons of interesting pearls, brilliant graphics and lots of terrific photos (thanks to an unlimited agreement negotiated with USA Today paired with Longhorn Scott's design skills).

We're getting it to you earlier than last year (targeting a pre-August 1 launch), but we continue to believe that a "late release" - if more than a month before the opening kickoff is indeed late - is vastly superior to following the national preview model of writing up some cribbed S.I.D releases after the Spring game and praying that it holds up for the football-starved fans buying the preview mags out of June boredom.

You're probably not going to find Max Wittek on our QB depth chart.

The e-publication will be $9.99 available on Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Apple.  For the tech deficient, we will be happy to help you - if you're reading this post, you can read this book.

It's a new era in Longhorn football.  The conversation you have about it will only be as good as your information.