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Longhorn Safety Josh Turner Dismissed, 6th Texas player in 24 hours

We're not done yet, folks.

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Longhorn senior safety Josh Turner has been dismissed, according to several media outlets, but I saw the information first reported via Orangebloods. Props to them.

The senior Turner was expected to start for Texas at a depth deficit safety position.  Turner is an undersized athlete with good range and coverage ability and his experience was expected to be a stabilizing force in a paper thin Texas secondary.

The news leaves Charlie Strong and Vance Bedford with some interesting options.

Quandre Diggs has safety skills in a cornerback's body and a position switch is not out of the question if Antuan Davis or Bryson Echols can impress in Fall Camp.  Don't dismiss this option out of hand.  Quandre really is best suited to looking at a QB and making breaks on the ball, not trying to manhandle big WRs who are stronger and faster than he is.

Walk-on Dylan Haines exhibited competence in the Spring game, but his ability to cover ground side-to-side and choke off Baylor's four verticals is a serious question.  He also limits our coverage options as he's unable to drop down on a slot receiver and go man.

Adrian Colbert is a prototype safety, but he's still learning the game.  I was excited about his possibilities in 2015, not 2014.  But perhaps he's going to get coached up hard and will learn on the fly.  He'd be a lot like a young Mykkele Thompson.

Kevin Vaccaro has proven to little more than a depth option thus far.  He'll strike you, but he's undersized and lacks coverage range.

Freshman John Bonney has great hips and range, but he's an immature freshman, ill-suited to the grind of college football.  Jason Hall isn't likely ready for prime time either.  Edwin Freeman is a badass, but really projects best to OLB.

Looks like the Texas secondary coaches will need to earn their paychecks in Fall camp.

What do you reckon?