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2015 Texas Longhorns Football Recruiting: Coppell OT Connor Williams 15th Longhorn Commitment

Joe Wickline replenishes a depleting OL with an athletic young tackle.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Texas Longhorns landed their 15th 2015 commitment, Coppell OT Connor Williams.  Williams is 6-5, 270 and rated as a three star recruit.  While relatively modestly ranked, he chose Texas over Oklahoma, UCLA, Baylor, Georgia, Ohio State and Oregon.  In fact, for a supposed bottom of the state Top 100 recruit, Williams has an offer list that resembles something you'd expect from someone in the Top 10.

He joins a talented OL recruiting haul that includes studs Patrick Vahe, Toby Weathersby, Ronnie Major and a project in massive Garrett Thomas.  Williams is a project of a different variety - the former TE will be seeking mass to add to his class.

There's a lot to like about Connor Williams.  He's in the top decile of general athleticism for a O-lineman, lining up much of his junior year as a jumbo TE where he dominated the edge with good feet, great motor and solid technique. Williams lacks mass and strength at this juncture of his career, but for a 17 or 18 year old in a functioning S&C program, adding size and strength isn't much of a challenge when the frame, genetics and motivation are there. In fact, it's indisputably the easiest piece of the equation.

Wickline has had considerable success with athletes that fit Williams' mold and while Pat Moorer isn't in any danger of reinventing the wheel in S&C, getting compliance, effort and buy-in isn't much of a problem as it was in prior regimes.

Bottom line: Williams has very good feet, a frame that isn't close to being filled out, Wickline likes him a lot and he has an offer list that most recruits fantasize about.  Not much to find fault in.

Welcome to Texas.