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Zach Gentry confirms change in Texas Longhorns offense

Get ready for the Notre Dame Box, gang!

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

In an interview yesterday with the Albuquerque Journal, erstwhile Texas QB commit Zach Gentry talked through his decision to switch to Michigan and train at the hem of screaming human pleated khakis Jim Harbaugh. And as astutely observed by W.W. McClyde on the twitters and Sellazz here in the comments, there's an important nugget buried in all the Harbaugh-fluffing (emphasis mine):

Gentry said he de-committed from Texas about a week ago "but just kept it quiet." He had committed to Texas last May.

"You know what, they’re changing the offense at Texas, and I wasn’t totally comfortable with that," Gentry said. "The Michigan coaches called me a week ago, and the opportunity presented itself."

From this, we can unpack a few things:

  1. Texas is changing the offense.
  2. Texas will therefore not be utilizing the same offense that caused blindness, vomiting and chronic impotence in viewers at the end of the season.
  3. Texas knew that Gentry was leaving before they had Kyler Murray on campus.
  4. Seriously, Texas is changing the offense.
  5. YOU GUYS.

So with Swoopes and Heard in the fold – and Murray and Kai Locksley on the target list – it seems pretty obvious which direction Texas is headed. A base set of nothing but swinging gates and fumblerooskis imo, and I couldn't be happier about it. You're welcome to offer your misguided opinions to the contrary, though. Thoughts?