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Super Bowl Stupid: A Pox On All Offensive Coordinators Who Just Have To Be Precious

I just watched Seattle blow the Super Bowl with an epically bad play call. I can't believe what I just saw.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Props to New England's Malcolm Butler for making an unbelievable play driving on that football, but a pick play?!?! Time on the clock and an unstoppable short yardage Marshawn in the backfield in full beast mode.  And you call a pick play.

Hell, if you simply must throw it, you have the nimblest QB in the NFL that the Patriots hadn't touched all game and play action to Marshawn might sell an easy flip to the TE in the back of the end zone on a boot.  If it's not there, Wilson might run it in.  Or throw it safely into the stands.  Then, Beast Mode.  Super Bowl champions.

But Seattle calls a high risk, no-read (Wilson just has to throw it to a spot and pray the receiver gets there) rub play which is as likely to draw a flag as an interception.

Amazing.  Congratulations to New England.