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Fitness Resources: 13 Useful People To Follow

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports
Rather than list an endless number of books, Youtube videos, webcasts, articles & podcast episodes, here's a baker's dozen personalities I've found useful in expanding my understanding of fitness, strength training, nutrition, genetics & programming.  Premised on the "don't take a class, take the professor" approach, make them the focus of your search instead of a broad subject matter.  Search on iTunes or Youtube, listen to their podcasts or their guest spots on other podcasts and then decide if you'd like to delve more deeply into their stuff.  Simply listening to every one of their iTunes podcasts would give you a tremendous grounding and some good listening for the next few months.
In no order:
  • Iron Radio - Not a person, but a podcast on training and nutrition science featuring several academics who are also strength competitors.  Good show notes, so if a subject is of no interest, skip it.
  • Kelly Starrett- Crossfit mobility & movement expert.  Self-rehab & mobility focus.  I've got to start doing this stuff more.
  • Mark Rippetoe - Starting Strength is the foundational work of basic strength training.  Elite lifting coach. Opinionated, acerbic Texan with a ton of practical knowledge and a talent for clarity.
  • Layne Norton - Nutrition PhD, natural bodybuilder + powerlifter.  Delights in destroying bro science, convention and out-of-touch lab scientists.
  • Dan John - Veteran expert in throwing sports, general S&C.  Tries everything.
  • Pavel Tsautsoline - Kettlebell master, crucial conduit to Russian sports science, understands strength & the athlete. Has a talent for clear, actionable advice.
  • Mike Matthews - A good generalist marriage of strength, nutrition, diet, aesthetics advice.
  • Mark Bell - Elite powerlifter.  Has interesting guests.
  • David Epstein - Author of The Sports Gene.  The most important sports book written since Moneyball. If you want to understand athletic reality, read it.  If you don't, keep spouting Gladwell's 10,000 hour nonsense.
  • Spencer Nadolsky - Physician, former collegiate wrestler, editor at
  • Tim Ferriss - Marketer of ideas and useful disseminator of information.
  • Joe DeFranco - Athletic trainer.  Good for bottom line recommendations.
  • Rhonda Patrick - PhD in Biomed with focus on nutrition, supplementation, aging & metabolism.

Feel free to share yours and why.