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Texas Longhorn Camp Notes: August 19, 2015

17 days until kickoff.

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Some quick notes:


Current OL first team: Willams-Flowers-Doyle-Vahe-Perkins.  Two starting true freshmen.  Williams and Vahe are going to be good, but you don't get to do that without paying the piper.  This is a best five starting decision and it tells me that the gain of Perkins > Hutchins is greater than the loss of Perkins to Vahe at guard as a total sum of parts equation. Vahe is bright and pretty technical for a young guy, so we'll be trying to get him on the move and get our runners looking for the cutback. Obviously, a mature, high level DT is going to give him a lot of trouble.

Daje has had a great attitude and has been a weapon in scrimmages.  Better attitude, no sulking.  Gets in extra work every day after practice.  I'm zen on Mr Johnson now.  He will or he won't.  Tired of having any expectations.

We'll know on Dev Clarington within days.  Still waiting on the NCAA.

The best three wide receivers are Marcus Johnson, Daje Johnson and Armanti Foreman.  Lack of a big outside WR is a problem.  I expect the offense to rely on a lot of quick slants, screens, hitches, the 8-10 yard sideline outside shoulder routes that Swoopes excels at throwing and hitting guys on the move laterally.  Did you just have a flashback to Greg Davis '99?  Well, in philosophy it will be similar.  In practice, hopefully Traylor and Norvell will have some interesting disguise.

The pace of the offense is significantly improved.  Tons of short passes.  That's why it's imperative the receivers catch the ball.  Many of these throws will be available to us - it's a matter of execution and receivers maximizing for eight yards and 2nd and 2 instead of an incompletion.  I'm not very confident we can be a high execution offense yet.


Ridgeway and Jackson are both getting healthier.  Boyette and Ford got better taking their snaps.  DL has the best depth on the team across the board.  We have as many as ten guys the coaches feel comfortable playing across four positions.

Adrian Colbert has had an excellent camp at safety.  Less hesitant, more aggressive, doesn't blow coverages.

The freshman DBs continue to impress.

Breckyn Hager got banged up but was described as "a pleasant surprise."  He's already around 225.  I think he's headed to 250.


Inhale the smell of freshly cut grass, hear the pads popping, feel the Texas heat punishing the weak and feeding the strong. It's time to complete your preseason prep.