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Help me find the best budget game watching TV

Every man has an opinion on football and electronics. Let's get to it.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

I'm in the market for a TV.  I'm not much of an electronics snob and I haven't paid attention to new developments in some time, but I'm looking for a flat screen of reasonable quality for game watching that fits these specs:

  • 50-65 inches
  • I can get by with two HDMI ports, but three would be great
  • I don't care much about 4K.  I've read a lot of consumer articles suggesting it's mostly hype for what you get at normal viewing distance and with normal programming.  1080 LED is fine
  • I don't play video games
  • Keep it under $1000

CNET had some interesting thoughts and it seems that Vizio and LG are making quality products now alongside old mainstays like Samsung and Sony.  Any thoughts on the best place to buy?  Target, Best Buy, Amazon, Costco?  Any other considerations I need to have in mind?  Think best TV for dollar.

If anyone else is looking, y'all throw out your questions as well.  We're bound to stumble across a few experts.