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The freshmen invasion: Texas Longhorns football depth chart for Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Here it is, all prettied up courtesy of BON

Position No. Player | No. Player | No. Player
Wide Receiver (H) 7 Marcus Johnson | 23 Daje Johnson OR 17 Ryan Newsome
Wide Receiver (Z) 1 John Burt | 8 Dorian Leonard | 88 Ty Templin
Tight End (Y) 47 Andrew Beck | 42 Caleb Bluiett

Right Tackle 76 Kent Perkins | 75 Tristan Nickelson

Right Guard 77 Patrick Vahe | 58 Brandon Hodges

Center 74 Taylor Doyle | 50 Jake Raulerson

Left Guard 66 Sedrick Flowers | 72 Elijah Rodriguez

Left Tackle 55 Connor Williams | 65 Marcus Hutchins

Wide Receiver (X) 3 Armanti Foreman | 11 Jacorey Warrick | 6 DeAndre McNeal
Quarterback 18
Tyrone Swoopes
| 13 Jerrod Heard | 14 Kai Locksley
Tailback 32 Johnathan Gray | 33 D'Onta Foreman | 25 Chris Warren III
Place-Kicker 23 Nick Rose | 28 Nick Jordan

Position No. Player | No. Player | No. Player
Fox End 40 Naashon Hughes | 49 Derick Roberson | 90 Charles Omenihu
Tackle (Nose) 99 Desmond Jackson | 93 Paul Boyette, Jr. | 94 Alex Norman
Tackle 95 Poona Ford | 98 Hassan Ridgeway | 97 Chris Nelson
Strong End 1 Shiro Davis | 91 Bryce Cottrell | 92 Quincy Vasser
Middle LB 46 Malik Jefferson | 30 Tim Cole

Strongside LB 19 Peter Jinkens | 45 Cameron Townsend

CB 21 Duke Thomas | 9 Davante Davis | 15 Bryson Echols
Free Safety 31 Jason Hall | 11 PJ Locke | 26 Adrian Colbert
Strong Safety 44 Dylan Haines | 18 Kevin Vaccaro

CB 24 John Bonney | 25 Antwuan Davis | 2 Kris Boyd
Nickel 24 John Bonney OR 21 Duke Thomas | 11 PJ Locke
Punter 13 Michael Dickson | 38 Mitchell Becker

Position No. Player | No. Player | No. Player
Punt Returns 23 Daje Johnson | 21 Duke Thomas

Kickoff Returns 23 Daje Johnson AND 32 Johnathan Gray

21 Duke Thomas

Kickoffs 23 Nick Rose | 28 Nick Jordan
Holder 15 Trey Holtz

Snapper (PAT/FG) 45 Kyle Ashby

Snapper (Punts) 45 Kyle Ashby

Some quick thoughts:

-  Multiple freshmen starting.  Six true and redshirt.  Two dozen true and redshirt freshmen on the depth chart overall.  Real young.

- This depth chart is written in clay, not stone.  It will look different by midseason.

- Ridgeway's back issues basically kept him from practicing.  He'll play and his snaps will be dictated by health and conditioning.

- We knew about starting two true freshmen on the OL, but it's shocking to see it in black and white.  Best five start -  so don't expect orderly replacements if a starter goes down.

- Antwuan Davis has clearly stepped up.  He's listed as #2 CB, but the OR between Duke Thomas and John Bonney is interesting.  It appears that Davis is the 3rd corner overall and will start in our base nickel D unless we go with a three safety package.  Bryson Echols has receded, which we predicted in the preview.  PJ Locke beat out Adrian Colbert (who had been having a good camp) for #2 FS.  That's impressive.

-  Davante Davis is backing up Duke Thomas.  Kris Boyd also in the mix.  The freshman DB class is as good as advertised.

- Daje Johnson backing up Marcus Johnson is interesting.  I don't read too much into it - he and Johnson are cross-trained at other positions and can be on the field at the same time.  It's also a message to Daje not to coast.

-  Shiro Davis better watch his back.  Bryce Cottrell had a good camp and he's arguably the most gifted pass rusher on the team.  The growth of Cottrell and Roberson allowed the Bluiett TE move.

-  Jinkens gets his shot again.  He has started for three different defensive coordinators in his career at Texas.  And been benched by all of them.  Jean-Mary and Strong are talking break-out.  Let's see it.

- We're going to spend a lot of time in nickel, which takes WLB Freeman off of the field.

- Dylan Haines was predicted to be eclipsed at safety by a lot of people.  Not us.  He's got physical limitations but he has better range and anticipation than his testing suggests.

-  Lorenzo Joe didn't make the depth chart.  Interesante.

- This is a really young football team.


Your thoughts?