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Postgame Celebration: Texas- 27, Iowa State-6

Texas dominates Iowa State in the second half and the Texas defense plays four hard quarters.

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Defense just isn't that hard, is it?

Texas started John Bonney, Kris Boyd and PJ Locke at cornerback and nickel, the defensive line dominated a weak Iowa State OL, our linebackers were largely fundamental and we had eleven defenders all on the same page on every snap. Maybe the plastic crib sheets attached to all of our defenders wrists helped.

The final result was 6 points allowed, <300 yards surrendered and 8 sacks.  The best defensive performance of the season by far.

On offense, Texas started slow, but Buechele got it together in the second half, made some gorgeous throws, Foreman grabbed 136 hard yards and Texas dominated 27-0 in the second half.

A much needed win for a 3-3 Texas.

On to Manhattan...