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Locksley Quits, Newman Decommits

A pair of less than ideal but ultimately survivable news nuggets to start off your Monday

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

2017 recruiting was a fun topic while the Horns were riding high at the start of the season, but speculation on Errrbody 2.0 has ground to a halt while Charlie and company work feverishly to right the ship. Numbers for 2017 were always going to be interesting/tight, but it looks like there may be a couple more spots available.

First up was news from the Long Time Comin' Department that WR(in reality)/QB(in his own mind) Kai Locksley has officially left the team and will transfer at season's end:

You never want to lose a guy who might sport 3rd-round physical potential at wideout, but if that guy can't be convinced that he's not the next Lamar Jackson then neither you nor he are going to get anything worthwhile out of that potential.  And with 2-3 more seasons out of guys like Johnson, Duvernay, Joe, Heard and (should he manage to re-locate his hands) Burt on tap, this is one where you can afford to shrug your shoulders.

Next up was DeSoto G/C Xavier Newman's decision to decommit from the 2017 class and officially open up his recruitment:

Newman's wandering eye had been evident during a poorly-concealed flirtation with Oklahoma over the summer, and while it looks like OU is full up at OL Newman is still choosing to look elsewhere.  The center spot may be capably manned by some combination of Shackleford and McMillon for the next three seasons and Texas could be flat nasty at guard in the days to come.  Even so, losing a guy with Newman's athleticism and aggression is never a plus.

The overall 2017 recruiting picture is obviously in a major holding pattern as the world waits to see whether Charlie can earn a return or the nature and timing of his replacement if he can't make it happen.  Things might not be as gloomy for some of that class' elite prospects as you might guess based on Texas' recent travails, though - as always, the boys at Inside Texas bring you the latest and greatest on that front.