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The Big 12 Championship Game is back, baby.

The Cash Cow returns.

NCAA Football: Big 12 Media Day Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the era of One True Champion, where a true conference winner is determined by everybody playing everybody isn’t really over so much as it’s been enhanced.

Hmmm... 10 Teams, One Division. Isn’t division dividing something? So really we have a single division or maybe we just call it a conference? Let’s call it the Big 12. And have 10 teams.


Feel sort of sorry for Bob. He’s an awesome guy and plenty smart. He’s just been saddled with this herd of fractious kittens.

I guess in a case like a few years ago where TCU barely lost to Baylor in Waco, I wouldn’t mind seeing a neutral field re-match but if you beat a team at their place and then have to saddle up again? Seems silly? Unclear how the Star Chamber Selection Committee will view this.

Not that this has much relevancy to us right now or for the foreseeable future but what say you? Is it madness? It’s certainly going to get that money.