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Postgame Reaction: Texas- 45, Texas Tech- 37

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

D'onta Foreman and the left side of the Texas OL turned in an all-time performance (33-341-3tds), the Texas defense played its best, most cohesive game of the season (held Tech to 4.8 yards per play, Mahomes to 6.2 yards per attempt) and the Longhorns overcame adversity, a questionable call on a 14 point swing (D'onta crossed plane, possession unclear, Tech defender stepped out at the 1) to turn in a resounding 45-37 win that shouldn't have been that close.

It's funny to type this given that our offense amassed 658 yards at 7.3 a pop, but the Texas defense won the game down the stretch as the Texas offense struggled to close out in the 4th quarter.

The winning formula was simple: a 3-2-6 dime playing man under with safeties deep, three rushers (including only one 1 big body DL at nose tackle) and Malik Jefferson playing a space-eating spy/late pass rusher role that played perfectly to his skill set.  Once Texas went to that defense in the 2nd quarter, Tech's offense was stymied and managed touchdowns largely out of the fact that they had some many possessions in a 4 hour plus game.

The Texas DBs turned in great efforts (including Hill's best game of the season) and Malik Jefferson sparkled in no small part because our platooning DL got pressure and containment rushing only three.  This was the first game all season where every level of the defense played smart, fundamental football.  And it only took nine games.

KK's unwillingness/inability to run the ball against our run-inviting fronts is proof positive that the corner is never getting turned on the Plains until they find some physicality and toughness on both sides of the ball.

This road win (2nd in Strong's last 8) is fuel to a program that was starved of calories.  Now the West Virginia home date looms large.