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Texas Longhorns star point guard Isaiah Taylor hires agent, will remain in NBA Draft

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Isaiah Taylor has decided to hire an agent and will remain in the NBA Draft, according to everybody on the Internets. He forgoes his senior season and will instead make money playing basketball for a living. Not a bad way to generate positive cash flow at 22.

He wanted to declare after a breakout freshman year and almost declared after an injury-marred sophomore year, so it's not a surprise Taylor bolted after a solid junior year. Would next year's Texas team have been better with him? Almost certainly. Them's the breaks, and all the best to Taylor in getting drafted and making good on his dream to play in the Association.

As for next year's team, rising sophomore Kerwin Roach gets dibs on the starting 1 job, but ball-handling duties will most likely be a time-share with fellow sophomore Eric Davis in the mix along with senior Kendal Yancy and incoming freshmen Andrew Jones and Jacob Young. All of those guys have some combo guardism in them, which is either a promising way of saying that they'll be multi-faceted assets or a negative way of saying that Texas is losing both of its trusted ballhandlers (we'll miss you too, Javan Felix) without a guaranteed backfill.