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Big 12 Football Road Records

What can we learn to project the 2016 season?

Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

Who are the Big 12's road warriors since 2012?

ESPN compiled the data and while the general revelation that good teams have good road records and bad teams struggle everywhere is of the no-shit variety, there were some interesting irregularities worth examining that might lend us a tad of insight for 2016.

Oklahoma dominates the field, largely because the Sooners have only had one disappointing year since 2012, going 8-5 back in 2014.  They've actually been really good in true road environments, but they're 3-5 in neutral stadiums over that time period.  That's bowl games and the Red River Shootout.

Texas has played about as well at home as away, except for a disastrous 1-4 road record in 2015.  That, ladies and gentlemen, is your key indicator for the season.  @OSU, @KSU, @ Cal, @ Tech, @ KU. All winnable games. Drop more than one of them and you're going to have to make up ground against ND, TCU, West Virginia, Baylor at home.

West Virginia stands out as a particularly poor road team.  Last year, they were hell in Morgantown (6-1) but had a 1-4 road record.  Though that was partly a result of facing OU, Baylor and TCU all on the road.  West Virginia travels to Austin.

As part of my research for the football preview, I found out that poor Kansas hasn't won a road game since 2009.