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Cory Redding Will Retire (To Linebacker)

Calais Campbell & Cory Redding prepare to do work.
Calais Campbell & Cory Redding prepare to do work.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The former Longhorn standout ends a highly productive 13 year NFL career with a fat bank account, a pension that would make a California civil servant blush, repeated recognition for distinguished philanthropy and respect as the ultimate veteran - a pro's pro who extended his later career in no small measure because NFL coaches wanted him in their locker room teaching young players how to carry themselves as men.

Redding was the key Mack Brown signing that signaled a turning of the in-state recruiting tide (I think I still own his Recruits in Review VHS tape) and Cory also gifted us with the eternal Redding to Linebacker internet meme that refuses to die as fans continue to puzzle how it is that elite 6-4, 245 high school linebackers can become 315 pound NFL defensive tackles.  It's like 18 year olds can get bigger over time!

I leave you with this at the 13:18 mark: