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Oklahoma Sooner Texas Football Recruiting Resurgent in 2017

For the first time in half a decade, the Sooners are doing work in Texas. Why?

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

I wrote a piece back in 2012 wondering if OU even recruits Texas anymore.

The shift to a national recruiting paradigm wasn't one that OU necessarily chose, but one they've adapted to nonetheless.  And that trend continued - even intensified - from 2013-2016.

As recently as February, 2016 Sooners Illustrated asked if OU had a state of Texas problem after Oklahoma signed its smallest Texas class in years (3).  While it's undeniable that the Sooners have a national brand, it's hard to imagine they wouldn't like to see more success in Texas.  Or at least in the talent rich DFW Metroplex and Northeast Texas. The prime Sooner teams of the 2000s featured recruiting classes that were 46% Texan.  Last year, that number was 15%.

Which brings us to 2017.  The Sooners are suddenly killing it in Texas. Six of their current fifteen commitments are from Texas, with five of those six recruits rated 90 or higher on 24-7's composite recruiting rankings.  They're getting both numbers and quality from the Lone Star State.  They're also in favorable positions with several Texans in the state Top 50.

Is it success on the field contrasted against Aggie and Longhorn on-field mediocrity? Baylor's self-immolation? Or a reinvigorated staff that has new marching orders and priorities?

While Charlie Strong has taught us that it's not how you start, but how you finish in February (I mean, June), it is an interesting arrest of a five year Sooner trend.  What's going on?