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The Greatest Running Back Of All Time Is...?

The debate is finally over.

Few topics can ignite an impassioned barstool debate quite as quickly this one simple question:

Who was the greatest running back of all time?

It's a tete a tete where advanced stats and even renowned records give way team pride, stylistic preference and hallowed memory.

Many Longhorn fans will pound the table for the pounding style of Earl Campbell, possibly the best era-adjusted size speed combination in football history.

Many more will stump for Ricky Williams, owner of the NCAA Rushing Record Excluding Backs From Conferences Where Linebackers Were 4.8-Running White Dudes With Neck Rolls and who might have stuck in the NFL's Top Ten were it not for the sticky icky.

But deep down, in the secret caverns of our hearts, we know the truth.

The best running back of all time was Tecmo Bo.

And he's back.

And did you want to see a bonus version featuring Brian Bosworth?

Of course you did.

I am now going to purchase a Kia Sorento.  Both Tecmo Bo and ChuckF'nStrong can't be wrong: