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Longhorn v Aggie Podcast Deathmatch

Last night, Will Baizer of had the good grace and bad judgment to invite me onto his regularly scheduled 4th and 5 podcast alongside filthy, hated Aggies and all-around cool dudes @TelcoAg and @stringsays from Good Bull Hunting. There was too much all-around cordiality for the highly-hyped deathmatch to actually break out, but we did hit on some interesting topics including:

  • The revelation that I am actually 73 years old. Apparently.
  • Dairy Queen vs Whataburger in a battle for post-Friday Night High School Football Game Dining Supremacy
  • The actual value of a Movado watch (less than you’d think!)
  • A .gif pronunciation debate that will make the more technically minded among you want to put a jun to your head
  • A little something for Cougar High and the Hermanistas
  • Strong vs Sumlin compared on key metrics like program building acumen, schematic currency and overall head shininess
  • A game of Clue to determine who really killed the Big XII
  • One of the participants came out of the closet at the end of the podcast - listen to find out which one!