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Preorder Smart Texas Basketball 2016 Now

We’ve got your favorite non-football Texas team covered

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It has taken nearly 3 months and an untold amount of alcohol, but the inaugural edition of Smart Texas Basketball is nearing completion. We’ve compiled nearly 44,000 words on Shaka Smart’s squad, which is 85% as long as Thinking Texas Football. At a list price of $4.99, we’re half the price of TTF so we only have to be 59% as funny & insightful as Scipio & Nobis for you to get your money’s worth. Jeff Haley and I are at least 60% the writers those two are, so you’re actually getting a bargain.

Want to know about Jarrett Allen & Andrew Jones? It’s in there. Curious about how the Diamond Press differs from the Double Fist Press? Done. Interested in jokes involving Randy Quaid, Walder Frey, and an in-depth comparison of the greatest hits of Tag Team & 95 South? We got you, Boo. All this and much more will hit iTunes and Amazon on October 24th, but you can preorder them right now.

Amazon link

iTunes link

We’re excited to finally be bringing this labor of love to the tens of you who were waiting for it and the hundreds of you who were completely unaware it was even a thing.