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Pretend We’re Football is back!

Also, a blurb from STB 2017

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High School Basketball: 40th Annual McDonald's All-American Games Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Pretend We’re Football crew of Tim Preston, Will Baizer, and BWG returned to podcasting by talking about the season expectations and voting for our various MVPs. Also, Tim pretends he has a nice car for a solid five minutes.

And now, a free excerpt from Smart Texas Basketball 2017 where we discuss Northwestern State:

Northwestern State Demons (2016 KenPom #293)

Hands up everybody that thought Northwestern State was located near Northwestern. Just us? OK. Hands up everybody that knows where Natchitoches, Louisiana is. Put your hand down, Steve, you’re not fooling us; you don’t even know how to spell Natchitoches. Northwestern State was not good last year. They had a losing record in the Southland Conference, were pummeled by both Texas A&M and Oklahoma, and their defensive stats resemble a cruise ship plumbing system after serving a pallet of expired crab legs to a legion of starving octogenarians. Mike McConathy has been the head coach at Northwestern State -- known as the Demons, they reside in a town that looks like a True Blood film location -- since 2002. He has made the NCAA tournament once, managed 8 winning seasons, 7 losing seasons, and one .500 season. He is the Mendoza Line taken human form. On an unrelated note, apparently the Lady Demons were coached by a husband & wife team for four years. Brooke and Scott Stoehr were co-head coaches, and were listed as such due to Louisiana nepotism laws. That’s right, the state with an age of consent as low as 13 has rules about husbands and wives getting the same coaching designation. Gotta love the South.

Have we wet your appetite yet? No? OK, well, what if I told you we make a lot of Game of Thrones jokes? Alright, I make a lot of Game of Thrones jokes, Jeff mostly prefers the company of slide rulers and cheap whiskey.

The book is available on Amazon and iTunes for $4.99 now.