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Checking in on Charlie Strong

Rooting for him (except when he plays Texas)

Stop doing that with your hands. Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Came across this recent story from abacus Jedi Bill Connelly:

If Charlie Strong had this USF roster at Texas, he'd still be there

I found this an interesting quote:

For one thing, Strong is still figuring himself out as he enters his eighth season as a head coach. Despite an incredible résumé as a defensive assistant, in seven years as head man he has only twice fielded a defense that ranks better than 39th in Def. S&P+. Meanwhile, he has only once had an offense that ranked better than 47th in Off. S&P+.

The dude inherited two different smoking craters so at least four of those years were working with a fairly weak hand. We know the sort of talent that was on hand in the ATX. WOOF! So bereft was our cupboard our consecutive draft streak ended. At Texas. Which is in Texas. SMDH.

I’m a huge fan of Charlie Strong, the man. I’m pleased that Tom Herman has showed up and swung the pendulum back toward manic, almost obsessive-compulsive, organization and #ALIGNMENT. I think he’ll succeed and some of that will be aided by his cake batter being better than Charlie’s was.

None of this is pro or anti anybody. I’m just curious to see how Charlie does in a smaller market and I’ll always root for the guy*. He’s good people. But stop doing that with your hands.

*Well, not always.