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NFL Draft Verdict on the Big 12: The League Sucks

NCAA Football: Texas at Baylor Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

That the Big 12 is (and was) a predictable dead end comprised of a host of remoras firmly attached to a Texas fish gasping for big league perceptual oxygen should surprise no reader of this blog. I spelled out all of the arguments many times when this was coming to a head years ago and Texas had a real chance to reshape the college football landscape. Or simply just look out for the athletic product, academics and fan experience and set a bold vision that rewarded Texas.

Go West. Go North. Go East.

Just go.

We stayed.

Mostly from laziness and with the easy silver of an ESPN bribe which sold out the immediate future and the fans in equal measure. Notice how all of that LHN money has gone to lower your ticket prices and improve the athletic product?

It turns out that demographics and reality are mean.

Welcome to the richest source of conference counter-recruiting material available: The NFL Draft. The entire Big 12 had 1 first rounder. And this was the grim picture overall:

2017 NFL draft picks by conference

SEC - 53, 3.79

ACC - 43, 3.07

Pac-12 - 36, 3

Big Ten-35, 2.5

AAC - 15, 1.25

Big 12 - 14, 1.4


The Big 12: No TVs. No players. No shit.