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Texas Longhorns crush Maryland Terrapins 20-7 in crucial 3rd quarter

NCAA Football: Maryland at Texas John Gutierrez-USA TODAY Sports

I’ll let the box score spell out the face of domination:


07:20 UT - Foreman, Armant 33 yd pass from Buechele, Shane (Buechele, Shane pass failed), 6-37 01:28

1:28 05:20 UT - Hemphill, Reggie 91 yd punt return (Rowland, Joshua kick)

04:29 UMD - Johnson, T. 40 yd run (Greene, A. kick), 2-38 0:41 01:23

UT - Buechele, Shane 3 yd run (Rowland, Joshua kick), 9-66 2:59

That was the 3rd quarter. And Texas utterly dominated it 20-7.

Imagine if we had simply tackled Johnson on that 40 yard touchdown run and forced a fumble and scooped it up and lateraled it three times until finally Poona Ford broke free and then splashed into the end zone like the Kool Aid Man for a touchdown and Josh Rowland missed the extra point because of sun and humidity, then it would have been 26-0 and the game would have been called for the slaughter rule and all of the people with heat exhaustion in the stands could have gone to Pluckers.

Still, 20-7 is excellent.

Maryland never had a chance in that quarter. If I had an ounce of pity for those vile tortoises, I would have averted my gaze at the destruction we wrought, as so many women and children in attendance wisely did.

Maryland won the other quarters using cowardly play fakes and the cheat codes of fundamental play, accurate passing and inside zone handoffs, but they will remember the sting of that 3rd quarter forever.

Flee back to Bethesda, chelonian reptiles.

Texas is back!