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Final: West Virginia- 42, Texas-41

NCAA Football: West Virginia at Texas Bethany Hocker-USA TODAY Sports

It was a thriller in Austin that came down to a game-winning West Virginia two point conversion on a Will Grier QB draw.

Sam Ehlinger, Tre Watson, LJH and Duvernay turned in a fantastic offensive performance, but it wasn’t enough to overcome a slumping Todd Orlando defense that was down three starters and made up for it with horrendous fundamental play with double digit missed tackles, poor recognition, and the staff’s one trick pony inability to adjust to in-game WVU tactics. One bright spot - CB Kris Boyd - can certainly hold his head high.

The Big 12 officials were an incompetent joy as usual, but that was just added fun.

The Texas offense has a lot of positives to build on. For the first time, they played without a governor and really attacked available opportunity. Sam Ehlinger has also turned into a hell of a QB.

On the other hand, the Texas defense should probably start from square one. This a fundamentally awful unit and until Todd Orlando and his defensive staff addresses that, there’s no scheme he can call that can compensate.