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2019 Texas Football Recruiting Class Check In

General view of Texas tower Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Longhorns have weathered a pair of recent WR de-commitments, but sit with 20 commitments five days out from the early signing period (starts Dec 19th). Not all 20 Longhorns commitments will sign then, but the vast majority will make it official.

According to 24/7, the Horns are ranked 6th in the nation and 1st in the Big 12 by total points. However, Oklahoma currently has the higher ranked class per recruit.

Graduation, transfer and attrition mean that Texas won’t need to sweat class numbers, so there’s room to take up to 5-7 more athletes before the final February signing period depending on how cherry picking, need and responsiveness dictate. Going through a breakdown of every potential remaining prospect isn’t necessarily informative - there are a lot of movings parts and it’s virtually guaranteed that the recruiting musical chairs will reveal new prospective recruits in January.

Additionally, while grad transfers do not count against class limits, they obviously still require an available scholarship on the total roster count. So the Texas coaches will keep a little powder dry to seek the types of solutions that Calvin Anderson and Tre Watson so capably provided in 2018.

Currently, 45% of the class hails from out of state. If that percentage stands, it will be the largest out of state haul in Texas football history.