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Final: Texas- 38, Utah-10

Valero Alamo Bowl - Utah v Texas Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Texas completely dominated Utah on both sides of the ball, expanding a 10-0 halftime lead to a 38-10 shellacking in the Alamo Bowl.

Sam Ehlinger led the Horns with three TD passes while going 12 of 18 for 201 yards and added another 73 yards rushing and a TD. A healthy Collin Johnson and Devin Duvernay each scored touchdowns while Keontay Ingram racked up 108 yards at over 8 yards per carry.

Defensively, the Longhorns showed what they’re capable of when not being actively handicapped by idiotic schemes. The DL was allowed to attack (from four man fronts and 3 man fronts featuring 5 techs) and the secondary played heavy doses of man and sound coverages with clear responsibilities.

OLB Joseph Ossai was the poster boy for this improvement, racking up 9 tackles, 6 tackles for loss, and 3 sacks. All playing on the edge. Not at ILB or dropped twenty yards into coverage.

Football is hard, isn’t it?

2019 Texas Football - we’re better without coaches.

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