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The 2019 Thinking Texas Football print copy is live on Amazon.

You asked for it. Come get it. Paper! Back!

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Annual Nat’l Western Stock Show Open With Parade Of Western Wagons And Cattle On Denver Streets Photo by Rick T. Wilking/Getty Images


The 2019 Thinking Texas Football Longhorn Football Preview print edition is live on Amazon. That means real print, a paperback, a tome, the Burnt Orange Bible, a real physical book is ready and waiting.

The paper was specially printed to convey the smell of freshly cut grass, the pop of pads, and the faint echoes of a coach’s whistle.

Many of you have asked for a paper version since the inception of the TTF book and now we finally can provide it reasonably to you via Amazon self-publishing. Thanks for your patience. Now it’s time...

Let’s get after it.


The TTF Amazon e-book has now merged with the print copy on the same Amazon page. As always, if you prefer an e-version (or want both - as a bunch of folks have told me) please get it at:


Apple iBooks


Special thanks to a great friend, design genius Scott Gerlach, and as always thanks to the photographic artistry of the peerless Will Gallagher.