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Texas High School coach’s poll: The most and least trusted Texas college football coaches

Let’s grind some unscientific axes!

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Houston v Florida State - Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl

A very interesting poll of Texas high school coaches about the state of trust in the head men of various Texas college programs. Not exactly scientific and there’s a good bet that the most high profile programs in the league will foster the most resentment and sour grapes, but here it is:

Q: Which of the 12 FBS coaches in Texas would you say you trust the most?

(245 total responses; ranked by percentage of votes)

25.2% — Gary Patterson, TCU

21.5% — Matt Rhule, Baylor

13% — Sonny Dykes, SMU

11.4% — Tom Herman, Texas

6.9% — Seth Littrell, North Texas

6.5% — Jimbo Fisher, Texas A&M

4.1% — Frank Wilson, UTSA

3.7% — Matt Wells, Texas Tech

3.3% — Mike Bloomgren, Rice

2.4% — Dana Holgorsen, Houston

1.2% — Jake Spavital, Texas State

0.8% — Dana Dimel, UTEP

And the final question:

Q: Which of the 12 FBS coaches in Texas would you say you trust the least?

(227 total responses; ranked by percentage of votes)

32.6% — Jimbo Fisher, Texas A&M

23.3% — Tom Herman, Texas

19.8% — Dana Holgorsen, Houston

5.7% — Jake Spavital, Texas State

4% — Frank Wilson, UTSA

3.1% — Dana Dimel, UTEP

3.1% — Gary Patterson, TCU

3.1% —Matt Wells, Texas Tech

2.2% — Mike Bloomgren, Rice

1.8% — Matt Rhule, Baylor

0.9% — Sonny Dykes, SMU

0.4% — Seth Littrell, North Texas


They love them some Gary Patterson and Matt Rhule.

Jimbo Fisher? Hmmm. Not so much. No trust falls for Fisher at the next THSCA meeting.

Herman has the 4th highest trust percentage, but is just above Janus-faced Jimbo on distrust. Why did Zach Smith get so many votes?

It looks like old Holgo has some work to do as well. Sorry for partying, I guess.


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