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Ivy League Cancels 2020 Sports Events

“Domino Wizard” Robert Speca, five-time domino toppling world-record holder setting up his domino’s. To put the negative consequences of Prop 103 to the Colorado economy in perspective, the Independence Institute toppled a display of 5,500 dominoes, with Photo By Joe Amon/The Denver Post via Getty Images

The New York Times (among others) is reporting that the Ivy League has placed a hold on all sports until January of 2021. They are the first D-I conference to do this, and they were one of the first basketball tournaments to call off competition back in March as well. It might be wise to consider them the canary in the coal mine, though time will tell.

The Texas Longhorns were scheduled to play Brown on 12/29, so that game is out the window. Whether it gets replaced or not is TBD, though I expect this won’t be the only game they have to sort out in fairly short order. Hold onto your butts, everybody.