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Everyone Gets A Trophy Podcast: Forde Yard Bash

Pacific Life Holiday Bowl - Arizona State v Texas Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images

Chris Ash has a media availability. How’s the D looking? We break down Sam Ehlinger’s career at Texas and observe that he has gotten better every year. Can he still level up? Is his return in 2021 an actual possibility? Pat Forde and many in the national sports media continue to push the “playing football is irresponsible” narrative while having the audacity to make sympathetic noises when non-revenue sports are cut as a direct result of not playing it. We offer a hearty bag of F off to Forde and his ilk. Hard Knocks is following the LA teams and Paul thinks this season could cure insomnia, but Kevin is still in because football. Finally, Texas announces its Longhorn Hall of Honor inductees. They include many of our favorite players in Texas history. Join us as we talk PJ, DJ, Jamaal, DT, and Shipley.

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