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NBA is currently older than 71 years. It has a fascinating past that is jam-packed with events, facts, and accolades. People are always seeking for information such as NBA picks and on their preferred athletes or teams. There are countless facts that may be found online.

We looked through all the collections and chose the top 10 facts that you might not be aware of but that are guaranteed to amuse you. See the top 10 fascinating NBA facts you may not be aware of.

  • given every season

A number of accolades are given to players at the end of each NBA regular season for their performances or community contributions. In both the regular season and the NBA Finals, the Most Valuable Player award is the most coveted. The awards for the best defensive player, the most improved player, and the rookie of the year are all well recognized.

  • forthcoming new awards

The league declared the development of a new set of honors in 2018, including ones for the "greatest play of the year" and "best dunk." These awards would be selected by fan voting as opposed to the usual honor recipients being picked by a small group of sports media professionals. In addition to the venerable prizes, this article will also discuss a number of civic recognitions and these new honors.

  • Several lags

The important regular-season awards have recently been revealed in the middle of the NBA postseason. But in 2017, things changed, and there would be a delay in the announcements. The league currently hosts an NBA Awards Show on TNT in late June, following the completion of the playoffs, rather than presenting prizes while action is still taking place.

  • The youngest to receive the award

Giannis Antetokounmpo is tied with Steve Nash for the lowest draft position of an MVP during the lottery era, making him the third-youngest player to win the award in the last 40 seasons (15th pick.)

Lou Williams joined Jamal Crawford as the only other player to earn Sixth Man of the Year three times. Williams is one of just two players to get the honor in back-to-back seasons, along with Kevin McHale and Detlef Schrempf. Williams and Crawford are the only players to get the award while playing for different clubs as well.

Fewer people are aware of Bill Russell's fascinating career distinction: He won more league MVP honors than was named to the first team of the NBA. Bill Russell is famous for his record 11 NBA titles.

Russell won the league MVP award five times during his 13-year tenure with the Boston Celtics: in 1958, 1961, 1962, 1963, and 1965. Only three times, in 1959, 1963, and 1965, did he have the honor of being chosen to the First Team All-NBA Center.

Top three awards

The regular season MVP is the most esteemed honor because it can only be won by one player each year and comes with a trip to the Hall of Fame (Derrick Rose might be the first exception). As of now, every MVP winner from the NBA and ABA has entered the Hall of Fame.

The second-most coveted honor is Finals MVP. Almost generally, but not always, it goes to the team's top performer. As a result, the Hall of Fame has inducted practically all Finals MVP winners. There are just two exceptions that I can think of: Cedric Maxwell (1981 winner), who was never an all-star (apparently a requirement for the Hall of Fame), and Andre Iguodala (2015), who was only an all-star once in his career.

Because scoring is the most obvious metric in basketball, scoring leader is a fairly significant accolade that only one player receives each year. It's as accurate an indicator as MVP so far because every NBA scoring champion to date has been inducted into the Hall of Fame.


Every year, the NBA bestows a plethora of honors on everything from all-season athletic achievements to altruistic deeds carried out by association family members. The regular-season and championship MVPs, as well as the Rookie of the Year and Sixth Man of the Year awards, are some of the most coveted accolades. Together, these numerous awards create a portrait of each season that will be studied in future history books.

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