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Byrne offends someone other than season ticket holders.

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 height=Not everyone is happy with the hire of public narcoleptic Mike Sherman in Aggieland.

From USA Today:

Texas A&M hired former Green Bay Packers coach Mike Sherman as its football coach Monday, but the move did not meet with approval from the executive director of the Black Coaches & Administrators (BCA). Aggies athletics director Bill Byrne said Monday that Sherman, who is white, was the only candidate interviewed. That, BCA executive director Floyd Keith said, is a problem.

"I'm disappointed in that process," Keith said Monday of Texas A&M's search to replace Dennis Franchione. "I'm disappointed in him (Byrne) because it's not like he doesn't know. Cracker. It's just a blatant disregard for … doing it the right way. I hope student-athletes and other coaches and people of color take notice of that."


Byrne responded that race was not an issue. He maintains that an immediate hire was needed in order to maintain recruiting momentum, and Sherman was deemed a good fit since he will not take over in any meaningful way until the end of the Houston Texan's season several months from now. Byrne also pointed out that he had several black friends, and thinks Grambling's band is awesome.