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Tuesdays with Greg

Greg Davis spoke to the media after yesterday's practice.

Looks like Malcolm Williams is going to be the number three receiver, and he provides a bigger body at the outside split end position previously manned by Roy Williams and Limas Sweed. The 4th, 5th and 6th receivers in the rotation are Dan Buckner, James Kirkendoll and Brandon Collins.

When trying to come up with a package for John Chiles, they looked at Oregon, USC, the Houston Texans and the rest of the Big 12. They look at USC each year to see what they're doing with motion and a two back set. Motion? At Texas?

The offensive line is going to be really good although I think it will be better on the right side than the left.

Sergio Kindle is "a physical presence." Says it will be difficult to block him one on one. If it's a running back, you're screwed. If it's a tackle or a tight end, you better get someone to chip him out of the backfield.