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Tim Tebow ain't clutch

Finally someone said it.

What got lost last year among the Heisman Trophy hype and all those huge four yard rushes was one simple fact. When the game is on the line, don't look to Tim Tebow to win it.

He didn't lead Florida to a single fourth quarter comeback last year. He had his chances against Auburn, LSU and Michigan. But with five minutes or less left in those three games, Tebow was 4-12 passing for 5 yards. That's unfortunate.

The article blames it on Tebow's run-first mentality. He can't find anyone open so he takes off scrambling. And you really don't want your fullback scrambling. So Florida wants Tebow to stay in the pocket longer and implemented a no-huddle offense during the spring to help his confidence.

I think the Florida coaches are misguided. You can't develop 'clutch' through practice or through playcalling. It's something you're born with.