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Gameday reading for the UTEP game

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We have had a ton of great posts with some great information this week and things tend to get missed so I wanted to recap a couple of items for you guys.

Texas at UTEP (Sun Bowl)
9:15 Kickoff

Televised on ESPN2 and ESPN2HD (Mark Jones and Bob Davie)
Also available on if you don’t have ESPN2 (who doesn’t?)

Don't stop
Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth

Charlie Tanner and Keenan Robinson are out for the UTEP game due to injury, and Lamarr Houston is out due to suspension.

Our resident expert's Guide to El Paso

Pregame thoughts on the UTEP Miners

Defending the UTEP Miners

Breaking Down the UTEP 3-3-5 Defense

Mike Price doing his best Mike Leach impression, on Texas: "I hope they're not as good as Buffalo." -- Solid dead pan quote after his team got crushed last week by Turner Gill's Buffalo team

UTEP is paying our athletic department $300,000 according to UTEP AD Bob Stull. Great deal for both of us given that they sold more than 20,000 extra tickets.

From ESPN’s Game Preview: "I was like 'Coach, your face is bleeding.' The man is fiery," defensive end Brian Orakpo said. "He acted like it wasn't even there, that's the funny thing."

Some of our own Man Crush Discussions about Muschamp:
1. Muschamp Love
2. Doesn’t matter where we play, who we play or what time we play, Texas defense is gonna show up and play.

And finally a look back at what we learned offensively and defensively against Florida Atlantic and what to keep an eye on in El Paso versus the Miners.

Border abuzz as UTEP prepares to host Texas

"It's going to be a zoo," said Steve Kaplowitz, a Texas grad who hosts an afternoon drive time sports talk show on KROD-AM 600 in El Paso. "It will be the biggest party that El Paso has ever seen in terms of a football game."

Expect 52,000 in the stadium - and at least half of the Hook ‘em variety

The El Paso Times is planning on blogging throughout the game.
I assume the NCAA policy on blogging has yet to reach the border.

Everything is bigger in Texas – Big Party plans in El Paso

Quick Reference Guide on both teams with rosters, depth charts, etc.

And if you are in the stadium with your laptop, here is how you can blog or wager on their wireless internet. Or just check your email. Name: utepwl1 Username: utepguest Password: utepguest

If you are really bored and have planty of time (like while in jail in Juarez), you can check out the Texas Game Notes and UTEP’s Game Notes.