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T. Boone Pickens: Now I'm Getting My Money's Worth

T Boone Pickens hedge fund investments have dropped, but his $200 million investment in Oklahoma State athletics is showing signs of paying off -- at least Boone thinks so. Pickens may not be the collegiate Jerry Jones just yet, but some of the signs point that way. Boone is spending his Saturdays in the OSU locker room leading cheers.

Oklahoma State comes into Austin this Saturday as the unbeaten #7 team in the country, and Boone sure sounds like a happy owner of the Cowboys "franchise."

"That’s the bright spot in the whole scheme of things. I started off saying, ‘We’re going to be competitive.’ But this year, I told (OSU Athletics Director Mike)Holder and (Coach )Gundy, ‘Drop that word competitive. Now the word is win.’ "

T. Boone Pickens has brought a "Win Now" Philosophy for Oklahoma State with his donations. Will his millions lead to a win at all costs philosophy as well?