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Some Wounds Never Heal

Houston Chronicle columnist Richard Justice wrote a piece the other day lamenting the impending divorce between Texas and Texas A&M.

Like a divorce mediator, Justice asks the two parties to not throw away their history, to each admit they are somewhat wrong, to please think about the kids (Baylor, Tech) yada, yada, yada.

Well, Richard did get a few email replies -- one from from an Aggie who set certain conditions before Texas A&M would consider not leaving the Big 12 -- conditions reaching back almost 50 years.

Unbeaten Texas faced Texas A&M on November 28, 1963 in College Station. The Aggies were 2-6-1 coming into the game. The field had the letters "UT" burned into the middle of it by some pranksters, and a heavy rain helped turn it into a quagmire. Texas dominated the line of scrimmage all day, but trailed 13-9 late in the contest. Tommy Wade, the better passer, replaced Duke Carlisle at QB for Texas, and promptly threw an interception. However the Aggie DB foolishly tried to lateral, and Texas recovered the ensuing fumble. Wade moved the team downfield, where once again he apparently threw an interception -- this time in the back of the endzone.

Texas A&M safety Jim Willenborg (#17) had cut in front of WR George Sauer, but was ruled out of bounds. Texas scored the winning touchdown a few plays later.

Texas must publicly admit that The 1963 Thanksgiving Game was orchestrated for Texas to win from the beginning, with Lyndon Johnson calling the shots that day; that ATM’s final interception was the correct call for an ATM VICTORY.

He continued.

Therefore: Texas must apologize publicly for it’s Pathetic Sportmanship! Texas must ask the NCAA for sanctions including " A Loss " of the ’63 Game, for such a "corrupt violation of Sportsmanship"; Renounce its National Championship for that season AND agree to a reduction in recruiting to just 8 Player Scholarships for each of the next 7 Years. THAT IS JUST STEP ONE Daddy!

Richard Justice's reply to the emailer?

I’m afraid to ask, but what’s Step 2?