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And You Thought YOU Were Burning Up About 63-21

The State Fair loses an icon as Big Tex goes up in smoke.

It looks like the Longhorn football team wasn't the only thing getting reduced to charred wreckage at the State Fair this week - Big Tex burned down today. Apparently there's no immediate word on how the blaze got started, but a Wicker Man-type situation can't be ruled out. Someone please make sure Manny Diaz wasn't stuffed into a bear suit, covered in bees and burned in this thing to appease the capricious Football Gods (or angry boosters).

All jokes aside, this is kind of a gut punch in a two-week stretch that hasn't lacked for gut punches. I've never been much of a State Fair guy outside of one obvious annual occasion, but losing an iconic landmark like Tex will make every future trip out there just a little less special. I'm sure he'll get rebuilt, but I always thought that my kids and grandkids would one day look up at the same big grin that gazed down on me at my first Texas-OU game in '93.

And in a way they still will - but it won't be the same.